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Class 45 - Social Services

Legal services; security services for the physical protection of tangible property and individuals; dating services, online social networking services; funerary services; babysitting.
Commonly used descriptions: adoption agency services; arbitration services; bodyguard services; clothing rental; consultancy relating to fashion; copyright management; dating services; detective agencies; escorting in society (chaperoning); funeral services; inspection of factories for safety purposes; Internet access authentication services; legal consultancy services; licensing of computer software [legal services]; litigation services; lost property return; marriage agencies; missing person investigation; monitoring of burglar and security alarms; online social networking services; patent agency services; personal background investigations; planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; registered design agency services; registration of domain names [legal services]; religious services; rental of fire extinguishers; rental of jewellery and ornaments; rental of safes; trade mark agency services;
Class Class Name
45 accident investigation
45 accident reporting
45 administration and exploitation of copyright
45 adoption agency services
45 advisory and consultancy services relating to civil proceedings
45 advisory services in respect of intellectual property rights
45 advisory services relating to intellectual property rights
45 advisory services relating to licensing
45 advisory services relating to security
45 advisory services relating to trade marks
45 advisory services relating to trade marks and intellectual property
45 agencies for legal procedures relating to lawsuits or other legal issues
45 agencies for on-line attestation and verification of internet users
45 agencies for on-line user verification and attestation for electronic commerce
45 agencies or brokerage for copyright licensing
45 agency services for trademarks and patents
45 aircraft security services
45 airline passenger, luggage and cargo screening [security] services
45 airport security services
45 alarm monitoring services
45 alternative dispute resolution services
45 animal funeral services
45 arbitration and legal services
45 arbitration services
45 arranging of wedding services
45 astrology consultancy
45 astrology consultations
45 attorney services for industrial, commercial and land registrations
45 babysitting
45 bereavement counseling
45 bereavement counselling
45 body guarding
45 bodyguard services
45 burial services
45 cartomancy services
45 chaperoning
45 character licensing services
45 closed-circuit surveillance
45 clothing fashion consultancy
45 clothing rental
45 clothing rental services
45 computer licensing
45 computer software licensing
45 computerised security services for business establishments and domestic establishments
45 computerised surveillance services relating to break, enter, burglary and fire
45 computerized conveyancing services
45 computerized security services for business establishments
45 computerized security services for domestic establishments
45 concierge information services
45 concierge services

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