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Hong Kong Barcode / QR Code Application

Barcode Application
In the era of smart barcode, consumers can scan product barcodes through the "Barcode/QR Scanner" program of their smartphones, and then they can search for product information and connect to e-commerce platforms for instant online purchases. In addition, consumers can also use the scanning function in mobile apps such as Taobao/HKTVmall/Amazon to find products and purchase them after scanning the barcode.

What is the Bar Code ?

When you buy things in supermarket or shop, buy books and magazines in bookstore, and when you check out at the counter, have you noticed that the staff scanned the items one by one with a special machine, and it is displayed immediately in the monitor. The price and name of the item are listed, and the line marked on the item is the representative symbol of a series of numbers, which we call "bar code".

Therefore, as the name suggests, the so-called "bar code" is composed of black and white thin and thick line patterns. Its length varies with the type of barcode and the size of the content... The following describes the barcode encoding method:

Basic structure of barcode:

Most people don’t know about barcode, so I will introduce you in a simple way. In fact, barcode have different encoding methods depending on the country, region, and purpose of use, but they basically consist of four parts:

Start code: The beginning of a bar code, so that the bar code reader can distinguish the beginning.
Data code: The main part of the bar code is also encoded differently due to different uses.
Check code: It is also called a check code, which is calculated with a calculation formula to ensure the correctness of the data.
End code: The end of a bar code, so that the bar code reader can judge the end.

Let us use the "European Article Number" (EAN) EAN barcode to illustrate what information is hidden on the product barcode?

The basic structure of EAN-13 barcode is as follows:
Barcode Application
The encoding content of EAN-13 barcode consists of four parts:
1. [Country Code]: The first three codes, for example, the products sold in China are 690~695, and the products in Hong Kong are 489.
2. [Manufacturer Code]: The next four codes are issued by the Commodity Barcode Policy Promotion Committee.
3. [Commodity code]: The next five codes are coded by the manufacturer.
4. [Check Code]: The last code is calculated by the formula.

EAN-13 barcode: It belongs to the international standard barcode. It is called GTIN-13 barcode in the GS1 system. The barcode printed on the products we buy belong to this type of barcode.

Therefore, we can distinguish the origin (country of registration) of the product and the manufacturer and other information from the product barcode. We can directly look at the first three digits of the barcode to see which country it was made from, and then go online to find out whether the manufacturer has registered.

Smart QR - Scan for Surprise Anytime, Anywhere!

QR Code Retailers can use the same Smart QR on the same product packaging to offer different promotions at different times. With Smart QR, consumers can scan for reliable information, product offers and even surprises!

Smart QR helps retailers bring great delights to consumers:
The same QR code on the same packaging can show different promotion offers at different times.
Consumers scan the dynamic QR to visit brand’s website/ product information page/ social media platforms to learn more about the product origin, watch promotion videos, or share the offer
Enable consumers to access detailed product information like ingredients, specifications and user manual, etc
Drive organic traffic to e-shops for free
Track & measure campaign performance to optimise result

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