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Class 45 - Social Services

Legal services; security services for the physical protection of tangible property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.
Commonly used descriptions: adoption agency services; arbitration services; bodyguard services; clothing rental; consultancy relating to fashion; copyright management; dating services; detective agencies; escorting in society (chaperoning); funeral services; inspection of factories for safety purposes; Internet access authentication services; legal consultancy services; licensing of computer software [legal services]; litigation services; lost property return; marriage agencies; missing person investigation; monitoring of burglar and security alarms; on-line social networking services; patent agency services; personal background investigations; planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; registered design agency services; registration of domain names [legal services]; religious services; rental of fire extinguishers; rental of jewellery and ornaments; rental of safes; trade mark agency services;
Class Class Name
45 concierge services
45 concierge services for others by making requested personal arrangements
45 conducting funeral ceremonies
45 conducting religious ceremonies
45 consultancy and advisory services relating to legal matters
45 consultancy and monitoring services relating to burglar alarms and security alarms
45 consultancy relating to fashion
45 consultancy relating to guarding of persons
45 consultancy relating to licensing of intellectual property
45 consultancy relating to personal appearance (fashion and clothing)
45 consultancy services for trade marks and patents
45 consultancy services in the field of security
45 consultancy services in the field of trademark, patent and industrial design
45 consultancy services relating to private investigations
45 consultation services relating to home safety and security
45 consulting services and providing information relating to guarding of facilities
45 consulting services in the field of legal knowledge
45 consulting services in the field of video surveillance and security
45 consulting services relating to security systems
45 contract analysis services
45 contract research
45 conveyancing searching
45 conveyancing services
45 copyright management
45 copyright management consultation
45 copyright management services
45 counselling relating to spiritual direction
45 counselling services relating to Christian religion
45 crematorium services
45 crime prevention advisory services
45 database licensing services
45 dating agency services
45 dating and match-making services
45 dating services
45 detective agency services
45 dog walking services
45 drafting and preparation of wills and the other testamentary instruments
45 drafting of deeds, legal instruments and legal documents
45 electronic signature verification services
45 embalming services
45 escorting in society [chaperoning]
45 evangelisation relating to Christian faith and religion
45 evangelistic services
45 evening dress rental
45 evening dress rental services
45 expert witness services
45 exploitation and licensing of industrial and intellectual property rights
45 exploitation and licensing of intellectual property rights
45 exploitation of industrial property rights
45 exploitation of intellectual property rights

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