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Stamp Duty Calculator for Share Transfer

Change of Shareholders

Stamp Duty Calculator / Transfer of Hong Kong Stock

With effect from 1 August 2021, stamp duty on sale or purchase of any Hong Kong stock is charged at rate which vary with the amount or value of the consideration as follows:
(Where the stamp duty calculated includes a fraction of $1, round-up the duty to the nearest $1.)

Inactive Company:

Amount of share transfer (HK$):

Operating Company

*If the amount of Net Assets is less than the Total Number of Share Issued, The following calculation method does not apply! Please use the above calculator instead.
1. Net Assets (HK$): Audit Report within 6 months. / Management Account within 3 months.
2. Total Number of Share Issued:
3. No. of Share to be transferred:

** This stamp duty calculator is only applicable to the date of the share transfer transaction. The final calculation is subject to the Inland Revenue Department!

Late payment of stamp duty will be attracted in the following penalties:
Extension period Penalty
Within 1 month 2 times of the stamp duty fee
Within 1 - 2 months 4 times of the stamp duty fee
More than 2 months 10 times of the stamp duty fee

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