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Class 29 - Foodstuff

Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and other milk products; oils and fats for food.
Commonly used descriptions: bean curd; beverages containing milk and lactic acid bacteria; beverages having a milk base; butter; canned meat, seafood, fish, poultry, game, fruits and vegetables; cheese; cooked and preserved vegetables; dried, preserved and cooked fruits and vegetables; edible birds' nest products; edible fats; edible nuts; edible seaweed; eggs; fish and shellfish [not live]; fruit jelly spreads; fruits salads; hamburgers; meat; meat, fish, poultry and game, none being live; milk; milk powder [other than for babies]; potato chips and crisps; prepared meat; preserved fruits and vegetables; preserved pickles; processed seafood; sausages; soup preparations; soup preparations; soya milk; yoghurt;
Class Class Name
29 abalones [not live]
29 aerated drinks containing natural dairy products
29 aerated drinks containing soya based products
29 aerated drinks (predominantly of milk)
29 agar-agar for culinary purposes
29 albumen for culinary purposes
29 albumin milk
29 alcohol-preserved fruits
29 algae prepared for human food
29 alginates for culinary purposes
29 alimentary preserves made of fish
29 alimentary preserves made of game
29 alimentary preserves made of meat
29 alimentary preserves made of poultry
29 almond butter
29 almond milk
29 almond milk for culinary purposes
29 almond milk-based beverages
29 almond-flavored jelly
29 almonds
29 almonds (dried, roasted, salted and/or seasoned)
29 almonds (dried, roasted, salted and/or spiced)
29 almonds, ground
29 aloe vera prepared for human consumption
29 anchovy, not live
29 anchovy paste
29 andouillettes
29 animal and vegetable oils for cooking use
29 animal fats
29 animal fats for the manufacture of animal feed
29 animal marrow for food
29 animal milk
29 animal oils and fats
29 apple purée
29 apple sauce
29 arrangements of processed fruit
29 artichokes, preserved
29 artificial milk based desserts
29 assorted salads
29 aubergine paste
29 bacon
29 bacon rinds
29 baked beans
29 baked potato
29 banana chips
29 barbecued beef
29 barbecued pork
29 barbecued poultry
29 bean chips
29 bean crisps

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