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Class 20 - Furniture

Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; containers, not of metal, for storage or transport; unworked or semi-worked bone, horn, whalebone or mother-of-pearl; shells; meerschaum; yellow amber.

Class Class Name
20 adhesive hooks
20 adjustable beds
20 adjustable pillows
20 advertising display boards of wood or plastic
20 advertising information display stands
20 advertising signboards
20 air beds [not for medical purposes]
20 air beds, not for medical purposes
20 air cushions
20 air cushions, not for medical purposes
20 air cushions [other than for medical purposes]
20 air mattresses, not for medical purposes
20 air pillows, not for medical purposes
20 air pillows [other than for medical purposes]
20 ambroid bars
20 ambroid plates
20 animal claws
20 animal hooves
20 animal horns
20 anti-roll cushions for babies
20 armchairs
20 articles of furniture
20 articles of furniture adapted for use by children
20 audio racks [furniture]
20 auditorium furniture
20 babies' beds
20 babies' chairs [furniture]
20 babies' changing tables
20 babies' cribs
20 babies' seats [furniture]
20 baby changing mats
20 bag hangers, not of metal
20 bakers' bread baskets
20 bamboo
20 bamboo curtains
20 barrel hoops, not of metal
20 barrels, not of metal
20 baskets, not of metal
20 bassinets
20 bath seats
20 bath seats for babies
20 bathroom cabinets
20 bathroom cupboards
20 bathroom furniture
20 bathroom mirrors
20 bathroom vanities [furniture]
20 bathtub grab bars, not of metal
20 beach beds
20 bead curtains
20 bead curtains for decoration

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