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Class 11 - Lighting & Air-conditioner

Apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes.
Commonly used descriptions: air conditioning apparatus and installations; air purifying apparatus; barbecue apparatus; bath installations; bathroom installations; blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; bread-making machines; Christmas lights; cooking apparatus and installations; dehumidifiers; electric coffee machines; electric fans; electric kettles; electric laundry dryers; electric pocket torches; extractor hoods; hair dryers; heating apparatus and installations; humidifiers; ice making apparatus; lamps; LED lighting products; light bulbs; lighting apparatus and installations; ovens; refrigerating appliances and installations; shower apparatus; toilets [water closets]; ventilating fans; water filtering apparatus;
Class Class Name
11 acetylene burners
11 acetylene flares
11 acetylene generators
11 air admittance valves for use in the drainage systems of buildings
11 air circulation apparatus
11 air cleaning apparatus
11 air cleaning filters [parts of air cleaning machines or installations]
11 air cleaning instruments
11 air cleaning machines
11 air conditioners
11 air conditioners for cars
11 air conditioners for vehicles
11 air conditioning apparatus and installations
11 air conditioning apparatus [for industrial purpose]
11 air conditioning apparatus [for industrial use]
11 air conditioning apparatus for water vehicles
11 air conditioning fans
11 air conditioning filters
11 air conditioning installations and apparatus for cars
11 air conditioning installations for aircrafts
11 air conditioning installations for ships
11 air conditioning units
11 air cooling apparatus
11 air cooling installations
11 air curtains
11 air dehumidifiers
11 air deodorising apparatus
11 air deodorizing apparatus
11 air driers
11 air dryers
11 air drying apparatus
11 air fans
11 air filtering apparatus
11 air filtering apparatus and machines
11 air filtering installations
11 air filters for air-conditioning units
11 air filtration installations
11 air freshening apparatus
11 air freshening instruments
11 air fryers
11 air handling apparatus
11 air heaters
11 air heating apparatus
11 air heating installations
11 air humidifiers
11 air humidifiers [water containers for central heating radiators]
11 air humidifying installations
11 air ionisers
11 air ionization apparatus
11 air ionizing apparatus and installations

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