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Class 29 - Foodstuff

Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and other milk products; oils and fats for food
Commonly used descriptions: bean curd; beverages containing milk and lactic acid bacteria; beverages having a milk base; butter; canned meat, seafood, fish, poultry, game, fruits and vegetables; cheese; cooked and preserved vegetables; dried, preserved and cooked fruits and vegetables; edible birds' nest products; edible fats; edible nuts; edible seaweed; eggs; fish and shellfish [not live]; fruit jellies; fruits salads; hamburgers; meat; meat, fish, poultry and game, none being live; milk; milk powder [other than for babies]; potato chips and crisps; prepared meat; preserved fruits and vegetables; preserved pickles; processed seafood; sausages; soup preparations; soya milk; yoghurt;
Class Class Name
29 bean curb products
29 bean curd
29 bean curd powder
29 bean salads
29 bean soups
29 bean sprouts
29 beans and peas, processed
29 beans, preserved
29 beans (processed, dried, canned)
29 beef
29 beef and chicken flavored stock
29 beef ball
29 beef broth
29 beef extracts
29 beef jerky
29 berries, preserved
29 beverages containing milk and lactic acid bacteria
29 beverages having a milk base
29 beverages made from yoghurt
29 beverages predominantly made from milk substitutes (soya products)
29 beverages used as a milk substitute made from soya beans
29 bittersweet chopped gherkin
29 black pudding
29 blended oil
29 blends of edible oils and edible fats
29 blends of edible oils and fats
29 blends of processed fruits and herbs
29 blood sausage
29 boiled and dried fish and shellfish
29 boiled salted duck
29 boiled vegetables and meat with demiglace sauce
29 bone oil
29 bone oil for food
29 bottled and canned bird nests
29 bottled cooked meat
29 bottled vegetables
29 bouillon
29 bouillon concentrates
29 bouillon cube
29 bouillon powder
29 brawn
29 briskets
29 broth
29 broth concentrates
29 bulgogi
29 butter
29 butter preparations
29 buttercream
29 buttermilk powder
29 cabbage rolls stuffed with meat

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