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commerce中文,commerce的意思,commerce翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典



n. 貿易;商業;商務

英語釋義 English Interpretation

  • social exchange, especially of opinions, attitudes, etc.
  • transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)

片語 Phrase

ministry of commerce商業部

domestic commerce國內貿易

industry and commerce[經] 工商業

commerce department(美國)商務部

commerce ministry商務部

commerce and finance商業與財務;商業與金融學

ANDROID Commerce安卓財經

department of commerce(美國)商務部

Commerce Secretary商務部長

commerce deallotmentment美國商務部

internet commerce互聯網商務

commerce minister商業部長

cheat commerce改變商業等級

commerce committee商業委員會

international chamber of commerce國際商會;國際工農商會

chamber of commerce商會

foreign commerce對外貿易

traditional commerce傳統商業

commerce bank美國康美銀行

international commerce國際通商,國際商務

chambers of commerce商會

interstate commerce州際貿易,州際商業;美國的州際貿易

collaborative commerce協同商務

commerce clause商業條款,貿易條款

Commerce Deppaintingment美國商務部

Rotman Commerce羅德曼商學

electronic commerce電子商務

interstate commerce commission美國政府州際商務委員會

相似詞 Similar Words


business商業,交易; 生意; 事務,業務; 職業,行業;


business商業,交易; 生意; 事務,業務; 職業,行業;





英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • and now? although we live in a world increasingly brought together through commerce and trade, it is clearly not one of peace.


  • the government decapitalized industry and commerce with harsh tax policies.


  • yet commerce is more certain to be in the air than the beijing smog.


  • the damaged ozone layer can’t start to heal until there is a significant reduction in chlorofluorocarbons, like freon, that are still widely used in commerce and industry.


  • the health bill supported by the house leadership quickly won approval from two of the three relevant committees, but then got bogged down in the energy and commerce committee.


  • english is used widely in commerce and increasingly as the medium of instruction in government schools.


  • in the broadest sense, the practice of one purveyor of goods doing trade with another is as old as commerce itself.


  • and in a historic moment just a few weeks ago, the house energy and commerce committee approved a bill to do just that.


  • yes, as already noted, the state monopoly on force is important, and the spread of commerce creates incentives for cooperation and against violent conflict.


  • her parents and husband dutifully went to work each day but remained idle because there is no commerce in the town.


  • the company is now buying itself into american commerce and industry.


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