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trading中文,trading的意思,trading翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典



n. 交易;貿易;購物

vi. 交易,買賣;以物易物(trade的現在分詞)

vt. 用……進行交換(trade的現在分詞)

adj. 交易的;貿易的

英語釋義 English Interpretation

  • buying or selling securities or commodities

片語 Phrase

last trading day[貿易] 最后交易日

trading day[貿易] 交易日

sunshine trading陽光貿易無障礙地從事大宗貿易

trading market[貿易] 貿易市場

comprehensive trading company綜合貿易公司

trading capital商業資本

trading corporation[貿易] 貿易公司

proprietary trading自營

insider trading內線交易

trading center貿易中心,交易中心

trading partner貿易伙伴;合作伙伴

online trading platform網上交易平臺

credit trading信用交易

Margin trading[金融] 保證金交易(交存一定保證金不支付全部貨款的交易)

futures trading期貨交易

day trading日間交易

trading account營業帳,營業帳目;營業賬戶

trading partnership貿易伙伴

trading post商棧;交易站

trading company[貿易] 貿易公司

Algorithmic trading算法交易

fair trading[貿易] 公平交易

foreign exchange trading外匯交易

Rat Trading老鼠倉

margin trading[金融] 保證金交易(交存一定保證金不支付全部貨款的交易)

trading volume交易額

securities trading[金融] 證券交易

相似詞 Similar Words



英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • we support the open trading system which is to the ultimate advantage of all.


  • kit, the head of a trading outfit, tells of a visit from a policeman one morning. he was threatened with a fine because his maid had put out the rubbish before 7am.


  • as trading partners with broad and close ties, both countries should not allow differences on some issues to affect their cooperation in areas of common interests.


  • we have also notified the trading standards authorities.


  • first, nations that have not yet put together stimulus packages and should do so and commit some of those funds to their trading partners.


  • futures markets can also be day traded without any restrictions, which makes them preferable to us stocks which have day trading restrictions.


  • he cut off all trading with the colonists and attacked any of them who left the jamestown fort.


  • these new partners are contributing not only aid, but more importantly are becoming major trading partners and sources of investment and knowledge.


  • if one cheats the other, he will be shut out of the entire lebanese diaspora trading network.


  • it is in the interest of a big trading power to ensure that markets function well, and that its businesses are welcomed, not feared and distrusted—especially when they have often done good.


  • we wanted this to be a twenty shilling coin but now in the market it「s trading at twenty-one.


  • so you」re trading one devil which is the dilution that you might take, for another devil which is having the bank as your partner.


  • they do not solve the frailty of entanglement elsewhere in the system—not unless you ban the trading that defines modern finance.


  • but they still have to temper all their computerized ambitions with the realities of trading with business partners, many of whom are not as sophisticated.

    但是考慮到與商業伙伴 ——其中許多還不夠成熟 ——交易的事實,他們還必須控制實現計算機化的雄心壯志。

  • using client information to increase its trading edge—if that is what goldman does—may not be against the law, but it is hardly honourable.


  • was 「empire」 itself a matter of land and settlement or, as he thought, of ports and islands and trading opportunities?


  • but over that period its currency has swung up and down against those of its trading partners and competitors.


  • and they warn that if the measure provokes retaliation, as the european union and other trading partners are suggesting, such gains could be wiped out by the loss of us sales abroad.


  • so, for companies that could pay you back, but their bonds are trading below par, probably because they have a low coupon.


  • by referring to your trading journal, you learn from your past mistakes.


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