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Allotment of Share - Adding New Shareholders

Allotment of Share - Adding New Shareholders
Allotment of shares
The allotment of shares is the procedure for a limited company to issue new shares to the exisitng shareholders or to the thrid party investors.
Documents required for the allotment of shares
- A copy of the Articles of Association
- A copy of the latest Annual Return
- A copy of the HKID / Chinese ID / passport of the new shareholders
- A copy of residential address proof of the new shareholders
- The Register of Members
Frequent Asked Questions
Q: Does the issued capital of company need verification?
A: The issued capital, no matter how much it is, does not need verification.

Q: What does the registered capital represent?
A: The issued capital represents:
Shareholders' maximum liability: If the company liquidates, shareholders only liable to the issued capital.

Q: How much registered capital will be needed in company incorporation?
A: The amount of registered capital represents the company's financing capacity, and in addition, the registered capital can also be deemed as shareholders' undertaking to future obligations to be incurred by the company. The greater the registered capital amount, the higher the confidence the public will have on the company. Hong Kong company of limited liability shall have a standard registered capital of HKD10,000.

Q: What governmental fees need to be paid for issuing additional capital?
A: No government fee shall be paid when a company issue additional shares.

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