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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Under the new Companies Ordinance, a company must hold an AGM in respect of each financial year of the company, instead of in each calendar year. A company is not required to hold an AGM in the following circumstances:

- Under section 612(1), a company is not required to hold an AGM if everything that is required to be done at the meeting is done by a written resolution and copies of the documents required to be laid or produced at the meeting are provided to each member of the company on or before the circulation date of the written resolution.
- Section 612(2)(a) provides that a single member company is not required to hold an AGM. bullet3
- Section 613 allows a company to dispense with the holding of AGMs by a written resolution or a resolution at a general meeting passed by all members.
- Section 611 exempts a dormant company from the requirement to hold AGMs.

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